Carnival in the family house Family Secrets Residences


Carnival on family secrets residences

This year the Carnival takes place on March 5, 2019 and how could it not be, family secrets residences could not fail to mark this festive event. As an additional information, the local family secrets residences are located in three regions, such as douro, santa maria da feira and the property in andalusia, spain. However, we can already advance that in our three properties, we will celebrate the carnival and animation can not miss. To do so, we have already made a selection beforehand of all the events that will be held near the properties of family secrets or simply suggest you a more pleasant and relaxed program away from confusion

Party Programs - Carnival 2019 

Family Secrets Residences Douro – Vacation Home 

In the fantastic Douro Mountains, we discovered the properties of family secrets residences. Composed of two houses with 2 bedrooms each, the properties of family secrets proposes an excellent program with family or friends to enjoy this festivity. In addition to having a house equipped for all stakeholders, the municipality of Baião, announced that the carnival of 2019 will invade the streets of the county. For more information you can follow the following website

Family Secrets Residences Sana Maria da Feira – Vacation home

«Passing to the medieval and historical city of santa maria da feira, you can discover the fantastic property of santo andre. This house, besides being equipped, has 3 bedrooms and a fantastic heated indoor pool. As suggestions, you can pass the carnival through the streets of santa maria da feira that have a very lively program or, at 15m of ovar, you can discover and participate in one of the most famous carnival events in Portugal.

Family Secrets Residences Andaluzia – Vacations home 

Last but not least, if you are thinking of passing a different carnival, you can move to the broken one. In this region, you can enjoy a fantastic carnival full of excitement and adventure. We will have available our property in El rompido, with 4 bedrooms, where you can also spend an excellent program with your family and friends. For more information about the events of el rompido, you can check here

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