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History of "Fogaceiras / Fogaças" 

It is held on January 20, the traditional Festa das Fogaceiras. The most emblematic festivity of the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira that originated in a vote to St. Sebastian in 1505, when the region suffered an outbreak of plague that devastated part of the population. In exchange for protection, the people promised the saint the offer of a sweet bread called Fogaça. Thus, St. Sebastian became the patron saint of the entire county of Feira. However, the legend goes that the people failed to keep the promise they had made, and stopped delivering the fogaça between 1749 and 1753. But because the plague returned to the lands of Santa Maria in that period, the tradition returned to fulfill if, without any further interruption to date.

Party program

If you are visiting Santa Maria da Feira, you should not miss out on your typical and regional sweet, called fogaça. In addition to being one of the images
of this region, there is a set of activities every year to enjoy.

You can know the festive program here

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