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Golf holidays

Golf is increasingly seen as a sport of choice and it is a practice that has gained its "space" and "curiosity over time. The practice of sport and contact with nature are one of the most decisive factors for lovers of this activity. More than a sport, golf is seen as a way of life that contributes to the development and success of the quality of life. Did you know that golf is one of the most recommended sports by doctors and can be practiced at any age ?! It is a sport that allows the practitioner to develop special control over their body. We should also mention that a golf course cools the air, reduces noise and is great for decompressing day-to-day stresses.

Now imagine spending a vacation and be able to play golf? The family secrets residences team will introduce you to some destinations whose golf courses are close to your holiday home.

Options of holiday homes with golf

In Portugal and Spain you can find golf courses of international excellence that can reconcile with your holidays. We will start in the north of Portugal to introduce you to the Miramar golf club. It is one of the most emblematic golf parks and distinguishes itself by the area where it is inserted. Situated in Miramar, this golf course is integrated with the sea, where you can enjoy all the conditions to practice the same. At the local accommodation level, our local accommodation is available in Santa Maria da Feira, a city located between the city of Porto and Aveiro.

The family-run residences Santo André has an indoor pool and is located 15 km from the resort. As a second suggestion, we present you the golf course of Penha longa, Sintra .. For many one of the best golf courses in Europe and is inserted in a resort in full nature reserve. In the south of Portugal, you can find the golf course of the north lake farm which is considered one of the most modern golf courses in Europe, using a very distinctive design and technological elements that will undoubtedly provide you with a fantastic experience. At the lodging level, it is integrated in one of the most exclusive areas of the Algarve and in a way it will be able to obtain another enriching experience.

To conclude, we could not fail to mention the fantastic and one of the most emblematic golf courses in Europe, situated in El Rompido in the south of Spain. A family secrets residences Andalucia located in the most exclusive condominium of the South of Spain, equipped with Private Marina and is integrated in this magnificent golf course.

We hope we have helped.

If you are on vacation, we wish you an excellent holiday,

Family Secrets Residences Team