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Source: Câmara Baião 

May Cultural Program

Apart from being a destination rich in its natural landscape, cultural attractions and good gastronomy, Baião is a destination that does not stop promoting and bet on the culture of the city! This area of the Ribadouro, has now launched a new initiative with the support of the Municipality of baião with the intuition of presenting some diversified events and with free entrance to promote the culture of the city. This event is called "cultural May" and will run from May 5 to 27, 2018. Here you can find a luxury planning with some sports activities, crafts, musical concerts. If you have not yet been convinced, we present some more suggestions about restaurants and baião attractions here.

Where can you stay? 

If you look for a family place, sheltered, comfortable, mixed design, culture and full of nature, you can find here two private accommodations to spend your holidays.

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casa ferias douro

Casa ferias family secrets

Casa ferias family secrets douro

Casa ferias family secrets douro