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Harvesting in Douro

At the end of September, the beginning of October, the tradition of harvesting is carried out in all the regions and in particular in the Douro

Douro is now a place of holidays, traditions of sharing moments and rituals that prevail from generation to generation ... Owners, family, friends, tourists are all welcome to share with us this unique and special moment that is the Harvest Vineyards are run by women and men, who work from sun up to the sun, collecting and transporting the precious grapes. It is a tradition that we undoubtedly want to preserve.

Stay tuned for a few moments of our vintage 2018.

family secrets douro

Hats to protect from the sun!

vindima douro family secrets residences

All the help is important and welcome in this family moment.

momentos magicos e cultivo family secrets douro

Magical moments with the collection of what nature provides us.

Uniao e family family screts residences douro

The union that characterizes this moment.

vinho produzido family secrets residences douro

Time to enjoy and taste what we produce at family secrets residences throughout the year.