About Family Secrets Residences

We share with you our history 

Family Secrets Residences are secrets shared by who go there ... from the quiet Douro Mountains, the “Terras de Santa Maria”, full of history and unique medieval legacy, to fervent Andaluzia, a region of hot-blooded people where "the sun never set on". 


Familiar hideaways where local design, culture and nature provide an authentic, exclusive and personalized experience.
Located in distinct geographical points of excellence, "Family Secrets" residences offer different environments with spaces unique to the author, in a harmonious and eclectic spirit where you can enjoy nature, traditions and native culture with all the comfort of modern life. 

They are remodeled, equipped and decorated in a unique way in which comfort and convenience are very appreciated features.

For its poetic and human content, "Family Secrets" residences touch the heart of any traveler, idependently of their beliefs or experiences. There, they share the most intimate secret and the most unforgettable memories, those that stay in the heart and transform it.


Provide a different experience with a range of different offerings at the level of art, design, culture and accommodation.


Provide a greater level of comfort and satisfaction to all our customers.


Nature, Culture, Art, Design, Comfort, Personalized service