Holiday houses with private pool in the north


Holiday houses with private pool

The growth of tourism in Portugal has been constant and it is increasingly evident that this growth is felt in the north of the country. Contrary to what was thought, this growth is very meaningful in several regions of the North due to the dissemination of our local offer, the various options that can be found in a short distance of time and even the investment in events that multiply every year and win followers in Portugal and the world.

More recent statistical data by the tourism of Porto and North of Portugal indicate that the year 2017 in the region of North of Portugal closed with an increase of overnight stays of 8.0% reaching 7.4 million, that is, a further 547.4 thousand in relation to the previous homologous period. (Source: INE).

Due to this strong growth, our local or tourist lodgings also want to be more competitive and respond to the needs of each visitor. That is why, in this article we will address an issue, which for many individuals have been looking for, which is: vacation homes with pool in the north of the country.

In the north of Portugal, you can find several offers from a holiday in the sun near the beach, in the mountains or historical sites. In this variety of offers, we will subdivide by two destinations the theme of our article, which are the mountain destinations (full of tranquility and green spaces) to the historical destination (full of adventures and long walks).

Being straightforward, let's start with the mountain destination where you can find more specifically in the Douro, the family secrets Residences Douro accommodation where you have a private swimming pool full of connections with the environment. When checking this property, you will be able to verify that this holiday home, means a refuge that will not have to "fight" for its place of chair in the main tourist destinations. Therefore, if you look for comfort and nature we advise this our property with an outdoor outdoor pool.

As a background, and not least, we talk about the second option that is destined to the historical sites of Portugal. This is the case of Santa Maria da Feira, which will certainly force you to take long walks to discover the medieval secrets of that region. The most exciting is that in addition to this place gather a very interesting offer in terms of history, catering and tourism, you can also find the accommodation Family Secrets Residences Santo André.

Considering privacy a luxury, we have at your disposal a private indoor swimming pool that can reconcile to your comfort after long walks and discoveries by the lands of santa maria of the fair or surroundings. If you are looking for a comfortable destination, full of history and ideal for your family, we advise family secrets residences santo andré as you can find a private indoor pool.

Advantages of a private pool on holiday homes

In summary form, we present here some advantages that you can find in the properties referred to with your indoor or outdoor pool in the north of Portugal.

Privacy - Both properties are thought of in your privacy. In Santo André, you will have an indoor pool inside your home where privacy will never be concerned. In Family Secrets Douro you will find a private outdoor swimming pool for you and your family.

Comfort - Both properties are very comfortable and have benches and sun loungers that you will find in the pools.

Family - Both properties are ideas to take with your family.


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