Medieval journey Santa Maria da feira - Medieval Fair 2018


Medieval Journey 2018 - Starts today! 

The Medieval Journey Festival or the fair of santa maria of the feira is one of the biggest and charismatic events of the region, and the biggest event of medieval historical recreation of Portugal. This event is held every year for a period of ten days in the historical center of Santa Maria da Feira. As an exception, and at the Gate of the month of August 2018, comes the famous medieval journey of Saint Mary of the Fair. This year, this event takes place between the 1st (TODAY) to August 12th with completely unique characteristics in the country. In addition, this event differs from all others, due to its historical character and the total involvement of the population (attracting about 50 thousand visitors a day to the site).

Price table

At the moment, tickets corresponding to the 3rd sale phase are available. For the most passionate, and who think of visiting the event every day, the ticket price is € 8 which is valid for the entire event. Note: Children up to one meter and thirty centimeters are exempt from payment.

If you are thinking of making a sporadic visit, or distributed by some theme of the event, we leave here the price information taken from the official website of the event.

Tabela de preços feira medieval 2018
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At the moment, ticket sales are available through website or through the points of sale like fnac, ctt, el cort ingles, worten, youth hostel, serveasy or store of NOTE! You can make your reservation and collect more information through the number 1820.

Additional information

The Week-end is considered until Saturday at 01h00, when the External Banners and Gate Controls are closed. Thus, if the visitor wants to access the site on a Friday, they can buy the Week Ticket until 01:00 a.m. on Saturday.
- The Weekend Period is considered until 1:00 am on Monday. Thus, the visitor who wishes to access the site until that time must present the Weekend Ticket.
- A visitor who has a ticket on a particular day and who for some reason can not visit the event on the day in question may use it on another day on which the value is equal to or less.
- No change of tickets and / or wristbands or money back
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