Santa Maria da Feira Restaurants - Regional gastronomy


Gastronomy and attractions in Santa Maria da Feira

Santa Maria da feira é um lugar cheio de historia e tradições bem presentes. No entanto, hoje vamo-nos concentrar nas maravilhas gastronómicas que pode encontrar pela região.

The "Fogaça"

With a rounded shape and four nozzles that represent the four bowls of the castle's keep, Fogaça de Santa Maria da Feira is an icon of the regional confectionery and produced daily in several houses of manufacture of the county.


Biscuits of soft consistency, with a flattened and rounded form, with a good palate, are also very sought after.

Cheese of Santa Maria da Feira

For lovers of Portuguese cheeses, did you know that many of them are produced in Santa Maria da Feira? Creamy and buttery, with a soft texture and a mild flavor, they combine the taste with tradition, providing unforgettable moments of tasting, especially when accompanied by Fogaça.


Chamoa began by being served as wine, with a blackberry inside, preferably to the women, at the end of the meals. Today it is available as liqueur and wine. The fame of this drink was propagated in such a way that its consumption became part of the daily life of the people of Santa Maria da Feira.

Having already an idea of the main gastronomic attractions of Santa Maria da Feira we will now suggest you some restaurants in this region:

Restaurants regionals of Santa Maria da feira

Restaurant Cantinho nobre

It is a restaurant that serves Portuguese Mediterranean food and combines some typical flavors of the region. It is located at Rua Dr. Eduardo Vaz in Santa Maria da Feira.

Restaurant Praceta

Known for its friendly service and full of delicious dishes, this restaurant is located at Rua Doutor Candido Pinho.

Restaurant Lago

The LAGO Restaurant gains inspiration for the name for its privileged location, adjacent to the lake of the EUROPARQUE. This is the perfect place for business lunches or dinners, meetings, parties and events;
with a dynamic, sophisticated and versatile menu.

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